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Problem with creating a Data Source in MapViewer mv11ps4_quickstart linked to Oracle 18 XE

user6027184 Member Posts: 9 Red Ribbon

I have a problem with creating a predefined data source in MapViewer. I had no problem creating the sources and using the map requests when combining this version of MapViewer with Oracle 11 XE. An attempt to use the same configuration for Oracle 18 XE (multitenant) fails, i.e. after saving and restarting the configuration, no entry appears in the DataSources tab, and an attempt to execute the map display request returns an OMS error: "MAPVIEWER-00019: The specified data source does not exist". I have tried to connect to both the common SYSTEM user and another common user created by me, but the response is the same. Has anyone managed to connect this version of MapViewer with Oracle 12 XE or 18XE in the multitenant architecture? What was the configuration like in this situation?

Thank you in advance for your help.