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Renewing the verifying transaction on credit card

User_RR852 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

On 18.09.2021, I registered in Oracle Cloud. Then a test payment from my card was also downloaded. Today (22.09.2021) my bank blocked my card with a suspicious payment to Oracle Poland. With the information I obtained in chat, this situation can take place and is random. However, support was not able to indicate such information on your website. I was advisable to ask this question on the forum to gain confirmation that this situation can take place.

From my perspective, such behavior is unprofessional, I should be notified at least by email that such another test payment can take place. Since registering in Oracle Cloud, I did not give my card data, I am afraid that it was stolen on your website and someone wants to use it to register a new account to use funds in my bank.