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Backup and restore OUD istance

Good morning everyone,

I would need some clarification regarding backing up an OUD instance. I would like to backup data on an OUD instance. That is, I need to edit entries in the OUD instance and after edited the entries I would like to do a data restore. I saw that there are two ways, backend backup of the instance and export ldif. In some instances I backed up the backend, but when I did the restore it didn't bring the entries to the initial state, I don't know if I did something wrong. While I also tried to do an export of a branch and then do the import, but when I did the export I saw that all the entries disappeared from the DIT ldap, is that how the export-ldif works or I did something wrong? To return to the initial state of a modified data what should I do? I thank anyone who can help me. Thank you! :)