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Convert Document Into PDF without using IBR

Raja Kummathi
Raja Kummathi Member Posts: 737 Silver Badge

Hi All,

I have requirement to convert TIFF documents into PDF with out using IBR while upon checking into UCM?


I want to keep native file same as user uploads.

Only webviewable should be convert into PDF

Any suggestion can be appreciate.



  • vinay-kumar-Oracle
    vinay-kumar-Oracle Director, Product Management (WebCenter & Oracle Content) HyderabadMember Posts: 10 Employee

    Sorry I am not able to understand your requirement, but here are few points

    • You need someone to convert tiff in to PDF until you want to do it using some custom component. That's why you can't get PDF without IBR server
    • Original file are stored as Native file, we don't change or convert them
    • If you can configured IBR then based on configuration web-viewable format will be generated.

    Can you please elaborate your problem with some example.