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How to check the execution of a scheduled Metric Extention for a OS-command

Hathi Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon

A collegue of mine created a Metric Extention which calls a bash-script to check our backups and added a schedule to the ME collection. The execution was originally scheduled for 6 a.m. once a day but it somehow drifted to 8.p.m. which is not an appropriate time to check the backups to us. Because this is not a normal scheduled job but a scheduled collection we don't know where in EM13c (rel4) can we check the start time of this specific collection. An other problem seems to be the used time zone. Which one is used and how to change it for a collection?

So, where can we check when this ME will be actually be executed and how can we correct its start time, and where to adapt the timezone for a collection?