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How to change Server Management (and Cluster Heartbeat) to another VLAN?

kuman2k Member Posts: 35 Blue Ribbon

We had OVS and OVMM managed on VLAN 1903 in site-A. The machines then moved to site-B but VLAN 2073 was allocated for the OVS and OVMM.

We added VLAN interface for 2073 but could not add Server Management and Cluster Heartbeat channels to it but failed.

We failed too when tried to edit network -- to change its VLAN interface to 2073.

Cannot remember exactly but I guess we even tried to delete Server Management from VLAN 1903 (hoping to able to add it on VLAN 2073 soon afterwards) but was failed too.

What the the correct way to make the needed change? Appreciate your ideas/supports.