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Free tire account

Shehata Ghattas
Shehata Ghattas Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


i have free tire account and i have two question related

1- if i did not upgrade my account, i will be able able to delete and recreate instances based on the always free recourse ?

2- this will be depending on the above question as when am tried to create instance now and its failed and this error appeared during the provisioning (Permission denied. Required permission: VNIC_READ).

Thank you for the support in advances



  • Nik
    Nik Member Posts: 2,804 Bronze Crown
    edited Oct 13, 2021 10:30AM


    It's look like You post question in wrong thread.

    This thread -is about old operating system - Solaris 10.

    Your questions look like about Oracle Cloud.

    Ask moderator move this question to correct thread.

    About OCI:

     You can terminate and re-provision Always Free resources as needed.


    Ampere A1 Compute instances are disabled when your trial ends and then deleted (terminated) after 30 days, unless you upgrade to a paid account. To continue using Always Free Arm-based compute instances as an Always Free user, you must delete your existing Ampere A1 Compute instances and create new Ampere A1 Compute instances.