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EPM 11.2.6 HFM Performance Bug



  • Thanos A
    Thanos A Consolidation System Manager Member Posts: 1,443 Silver Trophy

    Hi all,

    We have just completed the installation of in a test environment with 1 app server and 1 DB server (SQL 2016) and the performance has been massively improved close to what we used to have in

    Further testing is required for performance and accuracy of the data but it looks promising.



  • deeziel
    deeziel Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon

    We have seen the same or better performance with the patches at customers. It do seem to come down to specific HFM app if it gets a boost or not.

    We've also found the sweet spot to be 12 (going back to after spectre and meltdown slowdowns). Most customers are using UseCalcStatusCacheDuringConsol = 1, but some are not. One customer already had a good boost just going from -> 11.2.8, adding the patch however did about the same consol times.

    Haven't had time to delve into the additional settings that has been discussed. Also "interesting" that Oracle do not mention them ;)

  • EPMTek
    EPMTek Member Posts: 14 Bronze Badge
    edited Apr 6, 2022 1:59PM

    Take a look at Doc ID 2216150.1 as it explains the "8" bit in the setting (Adding 8 to current settings allows HFM application to consolidate only impacted children from the last failure during 'Consolidate All' & 'Consolidate All With Data')

    It looks like this may have been exposed to the interface to solve a particular customer issue back in days, but no-one really noticed it!

    While I'm here, Doc ID 2540906.1 says that with DSSStartUpOption=0, the XFMDataSource should shut down 15 minutes after the last user logs off. However, I am monitoring it and it just won't shut down - there is no one in this environment at the moment - there are no user sessions listed under Consolidation Administration.

    (UPDATE: It seemed to take 75 minutes but it has shut down now. I may therefore set DSSStartupOption back to 2 and use either a Scheduled task to stop JavaServer/wait for XFMDataSource(s) to stop/restart Java Server OR use a scheduled Maestro task for this. At least then we have control of when it restarts on each server).


    Thanos A
  • BajoD
    BajoD Member Posts: 5 Blue Ribbon

    Hello ,

    has anyone tried using EPM 11.2.9 release to test performance improvement in HFM?