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How to copy control files from a simple directory to ASM '+FRA','+DATA' Oracle 11g

User_OPD8R Member Posts: 15 Green Ribbon


I am trying to fix a huge gap between my primary and standby databases( version Oracle 11g)

First i took an incremental backup in the primary DB by taking it from the last SCN from the standby database.

Then i copied backup files to the standby server.

I also create a control file in the primary DB and copied it to the standby DB.

alter database create standby controlfile as '/u02/oracle/backup/MY_DB/std_control.ctl';

Then i tried to copy the std_control.ctl file into control file path that i found from my standby DB:

show parameter control

NAME                 TYPE    VALUE

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

control_file_record_keep_time    integer   7

control_files            string   +DATA/soagwprs/controlfile/cur

                         rent.260.831586851, +FRA/soagw



control_management_pack_access    string   DIAGNOSTIC+TUNING

So the destination of the control files is as above.

When i try to copy the new control file that i have created before in primary db that is also copied in a directory in my standby DB i got the error:

No such file or direcotory!

Please can you tell me how can i copy that 'std_control.ctl' file to the ASM location of the control files in stand by DB, so then i can continue with recovering the standby DB by using that control file.