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[Errno 14] problem making ssl connection

User_MSZ3Z Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


Now I'm using OS "oraclelinux-r6-u6-server-x86_ 64".

An error occurred when I installed a software using the command "yum install vorbis-tools".

A few months ago, I could install the software normally with the same command.

Please help me, thank you very much.


  • andreas.dijkman
    andreas.dijkman Member Posts: 83 Bronze Badge

    OL6 is too old to make an SSL-connection to the yum-servers. OL6 only has support for older SSL-versions and ciphers an Oracle (or akemai) has turned off those really old ciphers.

    You could try disabling the yum repository and only use the ones on the DVD. OL6.6 is from 2014, skip ahead to OL7 is your best choice I guess. OL8 is even better.