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Oracle/Dyn to shonky?

user1048521 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

I'm wondering what others experience has been of

When Oracle/Dyn transferred registration services to I thought they must be a reputable company so I left the registration with them.

Reading reviews now though they seem to be a bit of a shonky operation.

The registration for my domain expired earlier this year. They sent me TWO emails about the expiry. One before and one just after.

Because of other things going on in my life and business at the time, I overlooked these emails and the domain has now going into some sort of black hole.

I have no problem admitting it was my fault I lost the registration. However dealing with to try to find out what happened has been a nightmare.

I suspect they make more money selling expired domains than they do from renewing them. I also suspect they put them into some sort of storage for a while after expiring so the original owner gives up.

The day after I contacted about my domain the registrant details on their WHOIS changed to NameFind LLC – a GoDaddy company. Except of course, they have no knowledge about the domain.

I am very disappointed in Oracle for offloading their domain registration services to a shady operation