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Creating a PDB from a Non-CDB's backup files

User_LZU0Q Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


Does there exist docs or a method somewhere that describes the process for creating a PDB from a non-CDB's RMAN backup files? The particular situation involves two different hosts, so the backup files would be transferred to a share on the destination host.

I see we can use DBMS_PDB.DESCRIBE to prepare an XML file. Should we update some items in that XML file, like pointing to the new location of the data files once they are transferred to the destination? Are there other things to look out for?

For example, this doc: seems to assume that the source and destination reside at the same location. Are there additional considerations for when the destination sits somewhere else?

This would apply to non-CDB 12.Xc and 19c databases as the source moving to according CDB destinations (EXA).

Thank you!