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EOL for Oracle Linux 8

User_AHLI8 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

What EOL dates will be applicable to Oracle Linux 8 if no premium or basis support packages are bought? Generally what are the limitations of using Oracle Linux 8 without support?

I am planning to migrate a couple of CentOS servers to Oracle 8.5, but do not know if valid support packages are required to get future updates or not.


  • User_AHLI8
    User_AHLI8 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
    edited Nov 21, 2021 11:03PM

    Sorry, I do not see the EOL information for Oracle Linux Linux distribution when no support packages are bought in that document. Can someone please point me to the right direction?

  • andreas.dijkman
    andreas.dijkman Member Posts: 84 Bronze Badge

    You can run Oracle Linux without support with updates from the public yum servers. You get updates (minor) and upgrades (from 8.5 to 8.6 or newer) with the public servers. The support is mainly dependent on the upstream version of RedHat 8 and is usually 10 years (or longer). Look at this chart to see the cycles from RedHat, on which the cycles from Oracle Linux are based:

    Just update your OS regularly (yes, also the the updates from 8.5 to 8.6!!!) with updates from the public yum servers and you're good to go with OL8 until 2029 or longer.

  • User_ZJ4S9
    User_ZJ4S9 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    Does the premium support include support of long term minor releases (even releases, such as 8.4)? And the basic support?

    Does oracle without support always the latest version? Meaning that version 8.10 will be supported until 2029 or updates will end when version 9 is released?

    When you start paying for the updates, those packages are still free to distribute?

  • David Gilpin-Oracle
    David Gilpin-Oracle Principal Product Manager, Oracle Linux and Virtualization Frisco, TXPosts: 46 Employee

    Oracle Linux (the Distribution) is always FREE to download, FREE to use, FREE to distribute.

    Oracle Linux is released under GPLv2. See page 2:

    The latest patches are available at no cost on the Oracle Linux Yum Server. Those patches are provided throughout the Oracle Linux Premier lifecycle, so they will continue until at least July 31, 2029.

    The version of the Enterprise Linux isn't "number dot something". It's just Linux 7, or Linux 8. The so-called "minor releases" are a convenience to represent a point-in-time distribution snapshot of patches.

    The "latest" channels on Oracle Yum are always "latest". If you are currently running OL8 and patched from the Oracle Linux 8 "-latest" channel, today you have Oracle Linux 8 Update 5 plus the patches that came out since the Oracle Linux 8 Update 5 ISO was released. When Oracle Linux 8 Update 6 becomes available, the next time you patch using the "-latest" channel it will update you to Oracle Linux 8 Update 6 (plus patches that were released since Oracle Linux 8 Update 6 ISO was released.)

    The Oracle Linux Yum server does not offer separate channels for each "minor" release.

    We strongly recommend that Oracle Linux admins update their instances early and often, staying as close to current patches as possible. ANY Software vendor that forces you to stick on a specific "minor" release is actually encouraging you to be LESS secure and LESS stable.

    Our Alliances team works diligently with Oracle Linux Software partners to help them understand this.

    Oracle Linux Support is a SERVICE, not a license. There are different service and pricing levels between Basic and Premier, see this page for the details: