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USB, Bluetooth and Wifi stop working after a new Java installation.

User_QC8GK Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hello everyone!

Desperate as I can be, I come here looking for some help.

Disclaimer!!! I am not a regular Linux user.

So, we are working with an industrial tablet where an Oracle Linux Server release 7.7 runs.

And this is our Linux distribution:

It seems that a colleague of mine tried to update the java version to the latest version (jdk_linux_x64-11.0.5_10) and after that several services stopped working: it doesn't recognize any USB when we plug them in, the system reports that there is no Bluetooth antenna and no Wi-Fi adapter.

Listing all the PCI devices shows that the missing devices are actually there:

However, they are not among the loaded modules:

The system only sees the main HD and none of the pen drives plugged in:

My original idea was reinstalling the OS image and from there continue with the standard configuration of our devices. The problem is that I can't run any pen drive installation as long as the tablet doesn't recognize them.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to bring the system back to life?

Thank you in advance!!