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Issue with Enterprise Manager 13.4 and OUD connection

Dmytro Smenov
Dmytro Smenov Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

Hello Colleagues

We have Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

It is a cluster of 3 OMS nodes and connected to OUD ( for authentication.

Since we’ve upgraded from 13.3 version we have ongoing issue – when customers login to EM console it is:

-      Hanging on authentication

-      Back “wrong user and password”

This issue is non-permanent. Sometimes users are able to login. Especially when they cleared cache and go to private browser mode. Or change browser at all from Edge to Chrome or vise versa.

Also just after we have restarted all stack one by one nodes (to avoid outage) users are able to login with any issue. Despite on browser, private mode or clearing cache.

We have ongoing P1 to MOS but still didn’t resolve. We delivered all possible logs, settings and information about environment – OEM and OUD, change all suggested settings in Weblogic but issue is still exists.

OUD team saw almost all requests when users are logging. But sometimes requests is not visible until user clear cache and go to private mode.

Our suspections now that this is related Oracle HTTP server component in stuck. Something Oracle HTTP Server Cache and generating frontend for console.

Colleagues, maybe you have some suggestions. We already glad to try and implement anything. Or maybe you have faced something like this before.

Situation is critical because already half a year we can’t fix it and can’t have something useful from support.

Thanks in advance and hope for help.