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Where is the best place to ask for an HFM enhancement?

MichaelReed Member Posts: 38 Bronze Badge

I know where to ask for cloud but what about us on prem folks?

Would love to mirror the Entity Hierarcy in the ICP dimension or at least be able to create some sort of hierarchy in ICP. Our users are currently doing this manually in excel which is very time consuming.



  • Thanos A
    Thanos A Consolidation System Manager Member Posts: 1,443 Silver Trophy

    Hi there,

    I am not sure if I fully understand your business requirement but have you used the ICP reports which can simulate part of that?

  • User_75A0A
    User_75A0A Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon

    Oh, I would love to have the entity dimension hierarchy reflected in the ICP dimension as well.

    Thanos: such would become handy for example in analyzing intra-group business between business segments or two sub groups. Which ever hierarchies exist in entity dimension. Think for example a data grid where the business segments in Entity dimension on the rows and the same segments in ICP dimension on the columns.

    I'm not actually sure whom to contact for improvements in HFM. I'd probably raise an enhancement request at Oracle Support and contact the development lead by e-mail mentioning the enhancement request.

  • Thanos A
    Thanos A Consolidation System Manager Member Posts: 1,443 Silver Trophy

    Hi there,

    I know the pain. The best place to register a enchancement is MyOracle Support portal but I dont think that Oracle is actively enchancing HFM with new functionality (not the last 7 years at least).

    Regarding your specific issue, I would focus on finding a solution via the ICP reports. you can define the hierarchy in these reports.

    Thank you,


  • Jeo123
    Jeo123 Member Posts: 515 Gold Badge

    Just to offer a few additional work arounds for the particular ICP issues:

    1) You can create memberlist that mirror particular entity hierarchies. These can be useful in reports for example when you aren't looking for a matching report per se, but more the general presentation of data by ICP.

    2) This gets a little less orthodox, but you can check the box for upper level entities and flag them as ICP members. You would then have to use the rules to populate them(and likely block them from user input since you probably wouldn't want that). This way you can have an ICP of East that's the sum of the pieces. Just be aware that you would also have to create an inverse to avoid duplicating data at ICP Top.

    Get's messy and I would only populate it in specific alt/stat accounts, but technically an option.

    3) You can create an alternate scenario where you pivot the data. This is probably the most "out there" approach, but in theory you could copy all your data to an alt scenario and pivot between ICP and Entity on the transfer. This one would likely run into security issues for the average user, but in limited circumstance could be useful.

    4) The last one is the one I like the least, but technically viable... if you don't like what they offer, build it yourself. You can technically create a Custom dimension to mirror your entity hierarchy and use it for ICP reporting. You would then have to write your own consolidation rule to eliminate based on this dimension vs ICP, and I'm sure maintenance would be a pain since you would have to add any new entity to both dimensions, but in theory, it's possible.