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Good Ways to verify if a Linux server is down/offline?

User_FMXJH Member Posts: 236 Blue Ribbon
edited Dec 10, 2021 3:15PM in Linux Discussion

From outside the server, without trying to logging in, what is good ways(commands) to verify if a Linux server is down/offline?

If I don't wan to use ssh or ping?

Thank you!


  • Nik
    Nik Blocked Member Posts: 2,879 Bronze Crown
    1. You must decide what the server is down means.

    Each server is created for the operation of some kind of service.

    In case You have Web-server. If the OS is running and the web server process is dead, is the server alive or not?

    If OS and Web server running but fully blocked by Firewall, is server alive or not?

    2. Even in ordinary life, in order to understand someone alive or not, you either have to ask him (ping), or see the result of this person's activities.

    So You can probe main function of server (For example: Get test url from web- server) or try got some indirect information about server. ( Get power state of server via ILOM, check MAC-address of server on management switch or other. )

    So clear questions: what really you want and why.