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Using kickstart with OLVM and KVM

SunJustWorks Member Posts: 8 Blue Ribbon


I am attempting to try and implement kickstart on out new KVM cluster managed by OLVM 4.3. I have not found any documentation on the process, but I am assuming in the manager of the VM you select "Boot Options" when you are editing a VM machine. I am assuming that you need to use the "boot options" to pass the "inst.ks" and all of the parameters. But that forces the selection "kernel path" to be filled in. (Not a clue on that one)

I am just starting down this path and was doing a POC, perhaps booting to cdrom before I go down the path further, adding pxe, yada, yada, yada.

Looking for a nudge in the right direction, again, I cannot find any documentation on setting up a KS server with the OLVM.

Thank you for your time!