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Stuck when running preupg on OEL 6.10

User_LZXLU Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


I am trying to upgrade OEL 6.10 to OEL 7. I've tried running preupg tools for pre upgrade assessment. The tools stuck at 098/141 ...running  (Libraries with their soname bumped) . Has anybody encountered similar problem before. Thank you for any feedback.


  • user10174131
    user10174131 Member Posts: 35 Blue Ribbon

    You might know that OL6 used upstart, while OL7 uses systemd.

    If you are doing anything complex with the init system, you might prefer a migration of your content to a new server install. You should also take a hard look at going to OL8, as OL7's end of support in 2024 is getting close.

    Any hardware used for OL6 is also old, prompting thought about a hardware upgrade.

    Otherwise, can you find the specific problematic library via some log? If you are not using it, perhaps you can remove the package.