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"OdiInvokeRESTfulService" Utility Tools not considering "Request Body Text" for "GET" Method

User_UZLNS Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

We have a new requirement for using the OdiInvokeRESTfulService and extratct data for a certain month

> The REST service invoke is a 3rd party URL and exposed operations

> For this service we can use filter: _contains

> In Postman when used this filter _contains as below for the field "collect_date" we have , the records for the month of April is fetched




> The same when used in ODI > Package > OdiInvokeRESTfulService > "Request Body Text" , the data fetched is for the latest month that is December NOT for the April month.

In simple we are trying to filter the records from RestApi service for particular date range.

any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.