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How to move multiple TEMP files to a new location

Hi All,

Due to a space issue on an ODA I need to move all the large temp files for each databases that reside on this ODA. They are all non-PB databases. I've already created a new TEMP file and made it the NEW default and removed the old one on each database. However, my question is how do I move the rest of the "custom" TEMP files. They are fairly large, some 32-64GB. Do I move it the same way as the I moved the default temp file but just not assign each one the default temp? (I hope this makes sense)

Database A (This is not real data just as an example):

/u01/tempfile/temp01.dbf is 5GB

/u01/tempfile/temp02.dbf is 32GB

/u01/tempfile/project_name_temp.dbf is 32GB

and so on ...

Would like to move to:

u02/tempfile/temp01.dbf is 5GB

/u02/tempfile/temp02.dbf is 32GB

/u02/tempfile/project_name_temp.dbf is 32GB

Thank you so much.



  • User_SHDQS
    User_SHDQS Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon

    In addition to moving temp files, I will next look at moving data files, if needed to save space. From what i've read moving online data files is pretty straight forward. However, another senior DBA is very concerned about doing this.