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Full backup vs incremental backup LVL0

User_JNHXJ Member Posts: 14 Green Ribbon

hello i wanted to ask about incremental backup lvl0 and full backup i just found this article

Full Backups and Incremental Backups ( about fullbackup and incremental backup

in this website stated that

"A full backup of a data file includes all used blocks of the data file. A full backup can be either an image copy or backup set.

An incremental backup copies only those blocks in a data file that change between backups. A level 0 incremental backup, which copies all blocks in the data file, is used as a starting point for an incremental backup strategy."

i have a confusion about incremental backup lvl 0 stated on that website and from what i know full backup and incremental lvl 0 is the same thing(copy all the used block on datafiles only but not the whole file) but the difference is that incremental backup lvl0 can be used as parent of incremental backup while full backup cant

can i get clarification on this? thanks!!