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Smart View POV vs. Row 1

jayfin Member Posts: 142 Blue Ribbon

Does anyone know why my PBCS smart view defaults the pov dimensions to row 1 like the old school Essbase default? I have used it before where the pov dimensions are in the pov bar only and you have the option to move it down to the worksheet instead of all of the pov dimensions always appearing on row 1. Is there a setting somewhere that controls this?


  • Stu G-Oracle
    Stu G-Oracle Member Posts: 43 Employee

    I think this was a recent update where in the Application > Settings there was an option titled Smart View Ad Hoc Behaviour. in the 22.01 update this is now fixed as Standard and cannot be changed and I think this is why the default is now to have it like the old essbase excel add in (this was regularly requested by customers).

    You can still move the POV from row 1 to the floating toolbar or into the menu ribbon by going to Planning Ad Hoc and selecting POV