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Can we pass parameters from a jsp page to an obiee report ?

Hi ,

I'm using obiee version As a part of our project I would like to know can we pass values from a jsp page to an obiee report ?.If so, Please let me know how we can pass the parameters

Thanks in advance!

Thanks ,



Best Answer

  • Gianni Ceresa
    Gianni Ceresa Managing Director | Oracle ACE Director Member Posts: 6,724 Blue Diamond
    Answer ✓

    In general you can pass parameters values for an analysis when calling the analysis itself. You can see some extra info on this on various blog posts like for example (ignore the part about disabling SSO etc., only look at how parameters can be set).

    Start exploring these things and you could probably get what you need.

    You can also look at your dashboard page options and click on "Create Prompted link" and look at the URL it will generate in your browser.

    You will see how it set values for prompts etc. and you can take that url replacing the values as you need and job done.