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How does TDE compare to encrypting in disk drives or SAN?

Saammy Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon


We are trying to compare the pros and cons of TDE vs SAN encryption.

  1. Is there any document from Oracle that clearly compares them, point by point?
  2. I am trying to put together a table like the one below, please let me know if this correct and if I am missing any entries in the table?

Method/Access points TDE SAN


Memory No No

Network No No

OS Yes No (but if using RAC, then the files are not directly visible/accessible via OS commands, only via ASMCMD)


Base on the above table there doesn't seem to be much difference between these two methods.

On the other hand, we have a lot to gain by not using TDE, since the SAN is already encrypted, we can save TDE licensing cost as well as storage cost/space (SAN can't compress TDE files).

Greatly appreciate your input and time in this regard.

Thank you