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OSB Server odl-handler is not logging after Restart the OSB Server

User_OR6IU Member Posts: 7 Green Ribbon
edited Jan 29, 2022 7:15AM in SOA Suite Discusssions


I use FMW with SOA Suite

I configured the logging odl-handler and select the "Root Logger" for logging messages,

so far so good, the logging messages and different Level are fine and I can see the messages in the logfile.

If I make a restart of the OSB Server the odl-handler is nothing logging,

then I go to the configuration of odl-handler uncheck the "Root Logger" save it, open it again and check the "Root Logger" and save it, the Log messages are logged in the logfile.

What is here wrong ? Why is the odl-handler not starting after Restart the OSB Server ?

2nd question is: whats the difference between runtime Logger and persistent Logger ?

I thougt if the OSB Server make a restart, the runtime Logger must be the same in the configuration how the persistent Logger, in my case, the runtime Logger has in one Trace a different Level Value , is it normal that the runtime Logger is different after Restart of OSB ?

Thank you.