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Weblogic 12.2.1 Log rotation for HTTP logs

gray_one Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon
edited Feb 4, 2022 5:55PM in WebLogic Portal

Instance runs on Windows Server 2016 Standard

ohs.log rotation

Log rotation previously had been by size: OraLogRotationParams S 10:70

Trying to set log rotation by time to rotate every 24 hours(86400 seconds) and keep logs for 2 weeks(1209600 seconds) starting at 19:00:00 on 01/31/2022 with these parameters

OraLogDir "${ORACLE_INSTANCE}/servers/${COMPONENT_NAME}/logs"

OraLogMode odl-text

OraLogRotationParams T 86400:1209600 2022-01-31T19:00:00

changed OraLogRotationParams in https.conf at 14:00 01/31/2022. Stopped and started OHS.

Since we are -5 hours UTC expected the log switch to occur at midnight. Noted ohs.log switch at 11:59 PM, however there are still ohs.log files back thru 11/18/2021.

Since I had set a 1209600 second retention. I expected there to be approximately 2 weeks of ohs.log files left. It did not delete the older logs.


access log rotation

Also in httpd.conf I modified this customlog entry:

#CustomLog "||${PRODUCT_HOME}/bin/odl_rotatelogs ${ORACLE_INSTANCE}/servers/${COMPONENT_NAME}/logs/access_log 43200" dod

# OHS access logs rotate at 19:00 hrs which is 00:00 for -5 UTC. rotate every 86400(24 hrs) and keep 1209600(2 weeks) of logs 

CustomLog "||${PRODUCT_HOME}/bin/odl_rotatelogs ${ORACLE_INSTANCE}/servers/${COMPONENT_NAME}/logs/access_log 86400 1209600 2202-01-31T19:00" dod

There was not any access log rotation.

The two questions are why does OraLogRotationParams parameter not delete the older ohs.log and why does the CustomeLog setting not delete the access logs