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OHS Upgrade to

Ray Kelly
Ray Kelly Member Posts: 384 Bronze Badge
edited Feb 7, 2022 7:45PM in WebLogic

I am using OHS in a Collocated environment.

I am following these steps:

Introduction to Upgrading Oracle HTTP Server to 12c (

I am confused as to where I am running the and commands from.

I believe the process is as follows but once complete, the OHS instances will not start.

My current ORACLE_HOME = /u01/app/oracle/fmw

My current DOMAIN_HOME = $ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/ohs_domain

Steps I took:

  1. Install infrastructure to new oracle home (/u01/app/oracle/fmw12214)
  2. Install ohs to new oracle home
  3. Stop all services
  4. Reconfigure domain using /u01/app/oracle/fmw12214/oracle_common/common/bin/ During reconfig, when asked for domain location, I'm using current DOMAIN_HOME
  5. Upgrade domain component configurations using /u01/app/oracle/fmw12214/oracle_common/upgrade/bin/ua. During upgrade, when asked for domain location, I'm using current DOMAIN_HOME.

After installation is complete, there is no new domain created (i.e. /u01/app/oracle/fmw12214/user_projects/domains/ohs_domain).

I am able to start AdminServer and NodeManager from the current DOMAIN_HOME. The version looks good (

I attempt to start ohs instances which are still in the current DOMAIN_HOME but they will not start. I scoured the logs but found nothing but a generic "Failed to start"

When I look at EM, the instances show an oracle home of /u01/app/oracle/fmw12214.

I am not sure how this is since there is no domain under that oracle home.

Do these steps look correct?

Is the process supposed to use the newly installed infrastructure and ohs to reconfigure and upgrade the current ORACLE_HOME and DOMAIN_HOME?

Thank you.