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FDMEE - Between Mapping

athlon007 Member Posts: 69 Blue Ribbon

Hi FDMEE Admins,

I have an issue in the FDMEE mapping when it comes to the between mappings (file import tabs)

Source account is '120200_USD'

I have two Between mappings:

120200,120300 goes to 12020010

120200_USD,120300_USD goes to CON_12020010_USD

However when I import and run the validation, it is mapping it to 12020010 and not to the CON_12020010_USD, which I would expect. The source account 120200_USD, so not between the first mapping shown. Anybody who could help with the issue?

Thanks alot!


  • Paul Håvik
    Paul Håvik Member Posts: 29 Blue Ribbon

    between looks not at the number but the caracters, so 120200* to 120300* therefore 120200_USD is between the 2. to not get any suprises you have to have same number of charracters in your source column. however this would not help you in this case as the diffrence is the ending 4 char. I would splitt the account on first 6 digits to one dimension and the last 3 to another dimension. then you can use a multidim mapping with bwtween 100200,100300 and dim_y = USD to the specsified account, then second rule is the just between multidim 100200,100300 as it has to run after your spesific_USD mapping.