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Is there an alternative to Nexaweb for OIM Exports?

User_CWZOB Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

We're running OIM with a latest patch of 28130068 applied on 2/2/2022. I can provide more information if it helps, but the important part is that we are still on 11g.

I know, I know, we should be on 12c because it's newer and better, but that change is about a year out.

We are encountering some issues when attempting to export an application instance as an .xml so we can migrate an integration from one lower environment to another. In the sys admin console, when we click Export, we are seeing an error stating, "Your application's session has terminated or timed out" with a button to 'Restart' but when the button is clicked, the same error just pops back up.

I can provide more extensive logs, but the basic start of the error in the logs is:

"ServerAdminProxy.callNexawebServer java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException"

We have an SR open with Oracle and they're suggesting to adjust OIM tunings, and we're working through that process with them, but nothing seems to be working.

In the meantime, I'm curious if there's an alternative to Nexaweb for OIM exports. I've seen a few odd blog posts about using an API call, but I'm hesitant to use something that isn't official or vetted in any way.