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How to edit the voting percentage parameter ?

I have created a parallel time card approval rule, with two approvers

1) Project manager 2)Time and labor Manager

expected behavior:

  1. When user submits time card approval notification is sent to Project manager and Time and labor Manager
  2. Based on the parallel rule if any one of them approves the time card, entire time card should get and approved and transaction is closed.

Actual behavior

  1. After when Project Manager approves the time card, still time card transaction remains incomplete
  2. Only when Time and labor manager approves the time card transaction is closed

Based on my findings this issue can be controlled by voting percentage parameter. if voting percentage for approval is 100 this means all approvers should approve the timecard for closing the transaction

Currently by default it is set to 100,so I need to change this to 50 to achieve the expected behavior. But when I'm trying to edit the rule this voting percentage field is non editable.

Is there any other way to update this voting percentage, or any other workaround to achieve the expected result.