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Can't have access to Oracle Cloud

User_FHW9T Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

Hello dear Oracle Community members,

I hereby come to ask for help in my registration with Oracle Cloud for the Free Tier.

When I found out about the existence of this service I was interested and so I decided to register, I put in my correct information, my debit card and it was accepted, I checked everything. Until I got to a page where it said to wait up to 15 minutes while my account was created, I waited more than 15 minutes and never received anything, it's been 4 days, I spoke to chat support but this one was without a doubt the worst support I already got. The person on the other end takes more than 5 minutes to respond to me and the messages seem automatic, coming from a bot, and when they are not, they come with spelling errors, which is not good and not professional.

Anyway, continuing. Initially they said that my registration had not been completed so my email and Oracle account name was not in the system, they asked me to re-register. So I did, I tried again and what happens now? I check my debit card, I am charged €0.85 and it says there was a transaction failure. I do not understand.

I contacted support again and they asked me to send an email to [email protected], which I did and their response was "Unfortunately, we are unable to resolve this or process the transaction. This is all the information we can provide ." this is a joke right?

Anyway, once again, I contacted chat support again and the only thing they say is "re-register again" and I say I can't because the system refuses my debit card even though EVERYTHING is right, and they ask me to send e-mail to [email protected] and when I go to write that I already sent an email and they didn't help me, they close the chat in my face without more or less.

I have never seen such a bad company.

If anyone has faced this problem and managed to solve it, I would be very grateful to know how to overcome it.

Thank you very much.