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First time use of WAF -basic understanding

User_ZK0W5 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Mar 28, 2022 7:00AM in Cloud Infrastructure


I want to start using WAF

as I understand it should be "sit" before the computer\network

can I config it to work as a normal firewall?

allow ports from known address? or it only allow me to control http\https data?

for my learning I want to create a simple scenario:


  1. do I need to give the Windows_Server external IP? or a private IP is what I need ?
  2. after I open in the netwrok security_list the wanted ports for the windows_server (3389, 8080, 8634, 9876) and saw they are working , do I need to setup something else in the WAF?
  3. is the WAF connected to a VCN or to a server ? if I want to add a DB in the the same VCN- do I need to make some changes ? I don't want to have access to it from the internet - only local , from the windows server

Thanks ,