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2 queues with listener, 1 works the other is hanged

User_IBDHR Member Posts: 69 Employee

Hi All,

I am building a small solution enqueueing messages (which is working fine) in 2 queues as "types" of messages and payloads.

To consume (dequeue) the messages I am using a procedure using an Agent and dbms_aq.listen.

To listen for new messages, I have a scheduled job that runs every (say) 10 mins, and my listening loop only runs for 10mins.

I have 2 of these, one for each queue.

My problem is that when I enqueue a message for each one, the first sched-job-listener will work fine, but the other one will not pick up the new message until it restarts. It is like the 2 queues are not being consumed at the same time.

Anyone ever seen anything like this?