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Display the execution plan from any RAC instance

Mohamed Houri
Mohamed Houri Member Posts: 1,281 Bronze Trophy
edited Apr 7, 2022 12:19PM in Database Ideas - Ideas

In a RAC database, make displaying the execution plan visible from any node.

If I'm on instance #1 and I want to get the plan for an SQL_ID that is located in instance #2, then, I must be able to get this execution plan from instance #1 simply by using this

 select * from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor(<sql_id>,null)); 

It’s the same type of thing as doing a select * from gv$sql instead of select * from gvsql;

 As a workaround, I am using this

 gv$sql v,
                     , NULL
                   , 'ADVANCED ALLSTATS LAST'
                , 'inst_id = '||v.inst_id||' 
AND sql_id = '''||v.sql_id||''' AND child_number = '||v.child_number                                              )
                ) t
    v.sql_id = '&&sql_id.'
 AND v.loaded_versions > 0


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Mohamed Houri

Mohamed Houri
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