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How to write groovy expression for defaulting DFF

User_9M873 Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

Hi Everyone

Need your help in writing groovy expression for defaulting value of DFF based on the value of other DFF.

Thanks & Regards


  • KKT
    KKT Member Posts: 1,134 Silver Trophy


    Defaulting of flexfield segments will only work in case of brand new record.

    Defaulting will work in Hire, Rehire, Global Transfer, Global Temporary etc flows (where new assignment is getting created).

    Defaulting of flexfield segments will not work in case of update/correct because we are just changing the existing values in the record (we are not creating a brand new record). When you perform update/correct, the application will

    display the existing values of all fields on that page. So if the flexfield segment value was Empty (NULL) in previous records, then the application will show an empty value when you perform update/correct.

    let me know if further information required.