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departmentTreeNodesLOV returns COUNT=0

Martin... Member Posts: 5 Green Ribbon


I'm calling the Fusion HCM REST API:


This is successfully responding with a 200-OK but the body has a zero count response:


"items": [


"count": 0,

"hasMore": false,

"limit": 499,

"offset": 0,

"links": [


"rel": "self",

"href": "https://<server>/hcmRestApi/resources/",

"name": "departmentTreeNodesLOV",

"kind": "collection"




I believe I have the right ROLES to access this function (hence the 200-OK).

QUESTION: What data access is required on the role? As it seems I may have functional access but not data access (which I can fix).

In security manager which data policy [Database Resource] needs to be included for this API to respond with values?

FYI - I can successfully call /hcmRestApi/resources/

Many thanks