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How to run VDBench filesystem curveIO with multiple xfersize using a single parmfile?

User_PSVHB Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

parm-1 is for filesystem sequential write & read workloads and it works just fine.

parm-2 replacing fwdrate=max to fwdrate=curve in rd didn't work for filesystem curveio.

# In past experiments/attempts to make filesystem curveio work, we had reached scenario where post initial/first fwdrate=curve i.e. 'max IOPS' run, the rest of curveIO % were doing only 4k random reads whatever be the intended workload and xfersize. 

# It took us a while to make necessary changes (i.e. not using -d128, using xfersize= and operation= in fwd= in place of rd=) to make filesystem curve IO work with desired xfersize and operation as intended. 

# Problem Statement: But now using single parmfile, curveIO works for single(1) xfersize parameter. 


How can we specify the filesystem curveIO to be run with multiple xfersize using a single parmfile? (e.g. using a single parmfile, we want to run curveIO for 256k, 512k, and 1024k IO block sizes.)