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Exclude a particular column in the Replicat.

User_6E92Y Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

From the source, I have received the entire columns, but while loading them into non-oracle target, I would like to eliminate specific columns but load the remaining all columns. Is it possible to do this at the target side because the Extract is already created from the source side with all the columns in it.


    ORASCN Member Posts: 1,874 Bronze Crown

    I don't think so it is possible on the Target side. I would suggest to create a separate extract for this pipe line and use COLS or COLSEXCEPT parameter in the Extract process parameter file. This will surely work.

    Please check the below for more details,



  • K.Gan
    K.Gan Member Posts: 2,766 Bronze Crown
    edited May 2, 2022 4:42AM

    You didn't specify your initial load method. I assume that you use the extract trail method, ie you have a series of extrail trail or files created from the extract. If so you just need to create a sourcedef which I assume you will have if you are replicating from oracle to non-oracle (would be helpful if you let us know what DB this is). Then simply put the sourcedef file in the replicat param and the replicat will match all alike columns and discard not found columns automatically.