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TimesTen arm64 Support


Are there any plans to support the arm64 architecture for TimesTen client/server in the future? At present we are using TimesTen server in a VM accessible via TimesTen client on macOS.

With the introduction of the M1 processor to Apple's Mac lineup we are considering how we can support our development workflow with TimesTen.

Many Thanks,



  • ChrisJenkins-Oracle
    ChrisJenkins-Oracle Member Posts: 3,409 Employee
    edited Jun 3, 2022 8:16AM

    This is definitely something that we are considering for a future release. In the meantime you can run the existing TimesTen 18.1 and 22.1 macOS clients (x86-64) on M1 based systems via Rosetta2. I do this myself and it works just fine. A few important points however:

    1. Running the client via Rosetta2 translation is currently not officially supported (we are hoping to certify this in an upcoming release provided no issues are discovered).
    2. If you need to develop code that links with the client libraries (rather than just calling the dylibs at runtime) then you have to compile that code targeting x86-64 not arm (use the build option -target x86_64-apple-macos11 or similar) as macOS won't allow you to link native arm64 code against an x86-64 only library.
    3. If you want to use Java/JDBC application with the TimesTen Client, you will need to install the x86-64 JDK not the ARM64 JDK, for the same reasons.

    Basically, for any process to use the TimesTen Client, all the components (binaries, dylibs, frameworks, ...) that make up the process must be x86-64 not ARM64.

    Regards, Chris