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Not able to drill through from SmartView to NetSuite\File

Yuval111 Member Posts: 42 Blue Ribbon


I tried to configure Data Management in order to be able drilling from SmartView to NetSuite, for now, without success,

I took the following steps:

  • Setup->Source System->NetSuite->Drill Through URL: https://<MyDomain><MyID>&whence=
  • Import Format->Drill URL: searchtype=Transaction&searchid=<MySearchID>&Transaction_ACCOUNT=$ATTR1$&Transaction_INTERNALID=$ATTR2$&Transaction_ITEM=$ATTR3$&Transaction_POSTING=T&
  • Target Application->Dimension Details: Create Drill Region for several dimensions
  • Target Application->Application Options: Drill Region=Yes
  • WorkFlow->Data Load Mapping: Map one Account as explicit

Result: When I drill from SmartView it is trying to open Data Management main screen without success,

Any ideas how to define correctly this process?

Another question: What should be the "Drill Through URL" if the source is txt file?