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HFM Migration EPM to 11.2.8

User_AQUVA Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


We have TWO EPMA HFM application which was migrated to 11.2.8 using "HFM Copy App Utility" and then we ran "Upgrade the Application". It was all successful except that in one of the applications, consolidation & calculation do not run. When we initiate the CPU hits 100% and then lowers but it does not do any calculation or consolidation, there are no errors in the HFM Error Logs. It warns about the number of records but no error in the logs. We have done the following already

  1. Increased the logging to TRACE:32
  2. Cleared the HFM Error Logs, Data and Audit tasks
  3. Cleared the temporary user params (delete from <Application Name>_userparams where username = '[email protected] Directory')
  4. Ran the consolidation only for one year, one entity
  5. Removed the custom rules but it does not make sense to remove them.
  6. Increase the JVM


[TRACE:1] [EPMHFM-00000] [XFM] [ecid: XDS.0000.0000.0000.0001] [File: chsvdssysteminfo.cpp] [Line: 4468] [userId: ] [Msg arguments: ] [appName: IBPROD] [pid: 18848] [tid: 15892] [host: XXXXHOST] [nwaddr: XXXX [srcException: 0] [errType: 1] [dbUpdate: 1] [] [[SYSINFO:Application=PROD; PID=18848; NumUsers=1; CPU(Cores)=4; NumTasks=0; NumErrors=0; PhysicalMem=34359201792; UsedPhysicalMem=26158899200; ProcUsedPhysicalMem=3330420736; VirtualMem=140737488224256; UsedVirtualMem=9498140672; ProcUsedVirtualMem=3329785856; UsedCPU=42.073; ProcUsedCPU=267.578; NumCubesInRAM=2; NumDataRecordsInRAM=15048; NumRecordsInLargestCube=7865]] 

Is there anything we can do to fix this? How is everyone else doing the migration from old to the new environment without the DRM ?