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Blacklisted Dynamic DNS Pro domain - any services to bypass this?

User_2XZ3Z Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited May 25, 2022 2:24AM in Dyn Community

I have been using Dynamic DNS Pro since 2013 but this week someone trying to access my site was unable to because of their company policy where is blacklisted & cannot be whitelisted at all. At the moment I am assuming even if I change to or other, I will still be blacklisted.

Is there any way around this using Oracle services? Do they offer a 'higher tier' that will give me my own domain but still have the ease of a setting in our router or the desktop app to reset the pointers to our current (ever changing) IP address? I was looking at no-ip and they mention something that seems like what I am after (copy/pasted below) but I would like to stay with DynDNS/Oracle if possible.

"Our shared domains are a great choice for someone that wants to run a small video game server, reach their computer remotely, or view a webcam over the internet, but if you are going to be using your domain for something a little more important than that like say, run a blog, website, etc, you may want to think about registering your own domain name and using the hostnames on it.  With No-IP Plus DNS, you register your very own domain ( or and we handle the DNS for you!"