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Organization Tree Set Up

User_M1B2G Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon


I would like a clarification about building the Org. Tree Structure. I would really appreciate if someone could give me some answers.

My questions are the following:

  • The same "object" (such as a Department, but also a Business Unit or a Legal Entity) may exist/be attached to different parts of the Tree? (e.g. the same Legal Entity being represented in different countries or the same Department existing in other parts of the tree)
  • Do the "objects" need to be linked with each other when building the tree or they can exist independently? (e.g. having a Business Unit or a Legal Entity "floating" in the tree but not connected to anything else).
  • If in a Department (that belongs to a specific Business Unit and, in this example, the Business Unit represents Countries) have employees working in different Countries (so their payroll belongs to a country and is cross-charged back to the country where the department is located) what would be the best way to represent those departments in a Tree? Should we create multiple instances of the department and attach it to each Country where there is a worker, should we just create one department and attach the same department to each Country (if that is a possibility) or should we have just 1 department attached to the Country where the department is located and those attributes like the Location of the employee could be retrived on the attributes of the assignment of that employee?

Thank you so much in advance!