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stylesheet: date of loading -4 days

We would like to know how to solve the following problem.

For sending certain emails, stylesheets have been designed using XSL version 1.0

Here we want to make a timestamp minus 4 days visible in the email, but this does not seem possible. does somebody know how we can solve this?

Example: loadingdate = 2022-05-19 14:57:00 and the result we want to see back in the stylesheet is this timestamp - 4 days which results in: 2022-05-15

the XML code we use to retrieve the load date in the stylesheet is: <xsl:value-of select="/notify/Blob/xml/TenderOffer/Shipment/ShipmentStop[StopSequence='1']/DepartureTime/EventTime/PlannedTime/GLogDate"/>

The stylesheet uses version="1.0" see