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How to deploy BPM project using SAR file?

I found a similar question on this forum but (call me dense) don't understand the solution.

I am using JDeveloper and BPM 12C and working on a "Hello, World" level first BPM project. I created the BPM and the UI projects. Next, I select the BPM project and select to deploy it to a SAR file. It says that a JAR file would be created. It prompts me for the deployable taskflow project, which I select. A JAR is then created.

The reason I am doing it this way is that from JDeveloper a project may be deployed to the integrated Weblogic server to to one that is connected. But, in the case where development has been done locally and deployment is to be done on a client's server to which the developer doesn't have direct access, sending a SAR file seems to be the way to go. This is also mentioned in the doc at

The question is, how is the SAR file deployed? I tried using the "Deployments" option of the Weblogic console ( but the app doesn't show up in the BPM workspace (

Some pages say to deploy it via the Enterprise Manager ( but I haven't found exactly which option is used there.