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Can't oracle19c use the ORACLE_SID environment variable to connect to the database?

User_LRU1K Member Posts: 3 Green Ribbon

Hello everyone

I have a Pro*C file upgraded from Oracle10 to 19c.

In Oracle10 I use "proc USERID=aaa/bbb SQLCHECK=SEMANTICS ..." to compile the .pc file, the proc will connect to the ORACLE_SID database, but when compiling the file in 19c, it reports "PCC-02104Unable to connect to Oracle" error, meaning The username or password is invalid. I changed the compile command to "proc USERID=aaa/[email protected] SQLCHECK=SEMANTICS ... " and tried again, and it was successful, because I used @ccc to specify the database to connect to.

Does 19c not support using ORACLE_SID to connect to the database? If yes, is there any documentation about it? I really need this, because this problem is just my test, no official instructions