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Replicate to 19c and keep in synch

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I have an database. I want to create a 19c database, initially as a duplicate of the 11g and then keep the 19c database in synch with the 11g for a period of a few months. The existing applications will continue to use the 11g database during this period, carrying out transactions which I want to be synched to the 19c database. Other applications need to be able to connect to the 19c database for read-only access.

Is this possible with Data Guard or does it require further tools such as Golden Gate?

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    750496 Member Posts: 12 Blue Ribbon

    I see in doc:

    Mixed Oracle Version support with Data Guard Redo Transport Services (Doc ID 785347.1)

    It says "Mixed Version Support between a Primary database and a Data Guard Physical Standby is NOT supported at all until Oracle Database From Oracle Database it is possible to configure the Physical Standby database with at a higher patchset or major release Primary database for purposes of a migration to new hardware provided that after a switchover to that standby, the database is not allowed to open and is immediately upgraded in the normal manner.

    In addition, starting with Oracle Database a Physical Standby database can run at a higher PSE, CPU or PSU for the purposes of Standby First Patching"

    I get the impression that Data Guard can't do what I'm looking for. Maybe it would require Golden Gate or some other tool to replicate the data.