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GoldenGate extract from OCI hosted Oracle DB to Azure hosted SQL DB

User_RNDR7 Member Posts: 2 Red Ribbon


We have aGoldenGate for Oracle DB running on OCI. Looking to use it to extract from OCI hosted Oracle DB and send the trail files to a remote GG for SQL Server running on Azure VM and use GG for SQL Server to replicate to target Azure SQL server.

Do we need to keep GG for SQL server which will need to receive trail files behind a proxy? Are there any detailed instructions available ?



  • K.Gan
    K.Gan Member Posts: 2,815 Bronze Crown

    GG doesn't care, your mgr process running on Azure will have a port, say 7809. You just have to make sure firewall rules between OCI and Azure are met. Forget about GG, how you communicate between OCI and Azure is what you need for the extract on OCI to send the trail to the server process on Azure on port 7809.