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Distortion in Oracle Webcenter Portal Pages

User_FY089 Member Posts: 1 Red Ribbon

Hi All,

We have recently upgraded from Oracle Webcenter Portal 11g to 12c( version of product.

After upgrade we are facing a strange distortion issue.

When portal is loading for the first time we are getting distorted page(not always as sometimes it opens fine).After clearing browser cache we are able to get the proper page.Also in incognito it opens fine always.

Below is the detailed scenario which we have observed so far.

1. We are getting distorted page from one or more spaces server while accessing portal nodewise.

a.This gets temporarily resolved after clearing temp and cache folder from the faulty node.

2. Page is loading properly from all the four spaces server as well as via OHS nodes but still User is getting distorted page.

This seems to be a browser cache issue as it gets resolved by clearing the cache or in incognito mode.

Also we have observed that one on day it is opening fine in the same browser whereas the other day we start facing the issue in the same browser. This issue is being faced in all the browsers.

We would be really grateful if anyone can please suggest some solution to it.